Dear Patient,

Before scheduling an appointment for your dental consultation, please be sure to read the practice terms and conditions. The Zonnestein Dental Practice would require you to agree to abide by the practice norms and sign the applicable documents.

Kindly note that the practice fee structure conforms to the Health Professions Council (HPCSA) Ethical Fee List of 2006 and recommendations of the South African Dental Council (SADA).

The practice is a private dental business and means that the practice expects payment before or at the time that service is rendered. The practice operates the "Honour System" and relies on patients to settle their account without undue requests or reminders from staff.

Importantly, in certain instances (determined by the dental treatment plan and cost estimate), patients may be required to settle their account before treatment commences. This enables the practice to offer reasonable cost estimates at current costs and to purchase materials and consumables required by the dental treatment plan, at current prices; thereby, saving the patient unnecessary expenses toward the end of the treatment process.

Payment options include payment via cash, internet bank transfers and selected credit cards. The practice is unable to process American Express cards.

Should you receive dental benefits from your medical aid or medical insurance you will need to submit your dental treatment plan as well as the cost estimate, to your medical aid or insurance, for approval, acceptance and authorisation.

Once you provide the practice with suitable confirmation of payment for the required dental treatment and you have settled the required deposit, staff will arrange and schedule suitable appointments for your dental treatment.

Failure to submit your dental treatment plan and cost estimate to your medical aid or insurance could result in financial costs for which you will be liable. It is necessary and highly recommended to insist on written authorisation and written payment commitment to you, the member of the scheme with whom the medical aid or insurance has a contract, from your medical aid or insurance. The pre-authorisation provided by your medical aid may take up to four to six weeks. Please keep in mind that Dr Zonnestein and his Associates design your dental treatment plan based on your unique, specific dental needs, not what your medical aid or medical insurance is prepared to reimburse you.

We look forward to being of service to you and assurance of our best attention at all times.

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